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I haven’t been alone in the bathroom since mid-July

Aaaah… the days when I could pee in privacy, those were the days, man. Lately I’ve gotten so used to peeing with an audience, that I swear one of these days, when I’ll have people over for dinner I’m gonna forget to close the bathroom door.

And it’s not just peeing that became a three persons activity, it’s the same with trying to take a shower or brushing my teeth.

When we got married, my husband and I, we made a promise we will never be one of those couples who pee in front of each other. And we kept that promise. I managed not to pee in front of my husband, but when I’m alone with the kids, I have to keep the door open for supervision. And if I close it, when their dad is home, they open it anyways.

This happens especially on weekends when I go for a quick shower and ask my husband to watch them… almost every single time they budge in and Matei (my oldest) goes something like this:

“Che fachi, Paii? (that’s me) Fachi duch? De cheee? Elai poalte muldala?”

And here I am butt naked thinking to myself:  “Well, yes, yes, as a matter of fact I was. I was starting to stink a little and sometimes I can have a really filthy mind, but now that I have this warm water pouring down on me, it’s all taken care of. “

I just recently watched a TED Talk about parenting with this really fun lady who put it something like this “I haven’t been alone in the bathroom since October”… so if you’re a mother I’m sure you can relate.

Now, if I were to do my interpretation of Maslow’s pyramid of human needs for mothers, I think being alone in the bathroom should be right at the very bottom of it, along with the need of water, food and rest (*sigh rest). So we don’t ask for much, as it would be one of the physical needs.

Yes, it’s one of those physical needs that help us mothers climb up the ladder of the pyramid and score well on the list of self-esteem needs.

I don’t know if there are any witty conclusions for this one. I think it just helps not to take things so seriously and make a little fun of yourself . That always helps ME with my self-esteem. Speaking of which, I figured since for now, I have no choice but to embrace this whole “peeing with an audience” thing, I might as well have some fun. Because why limit things to the physical needs? Why not try to boost my self-esteem and have a relaxing bubble bath instead?

Oh, I almost forgot! Dear dads, those of you who can afford the luxury of sitting more than half on hour on the toilet reading the news, please return the favor, and watch the kids for 10 minutes, so we can feel like humans living in a society.



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