After 3 years of spamming all of my friends and boring my followers on social media with pictures of my boys, I just felt like blogging.

I am a tiny girl with a tall husband. Mother of two very handsome boys. Dog owner.

A copywriter turned wife, turned mother, turned blogger.

I am a walking cliché, basically.

I enjoy motherhood a lot! It suits me. And I think I’m good at it.

At the same time, I’m very aware I’m going to fuck up at some point (as all parents do), so I won’t pretend to know better than you do.

Also, it needs to be said; I very much enjoy my “occasional” glass of wine, so learn not to judge. My husband tries not to.

This blog was his idea actually. He even came up with the name – so credits go to Mihnea, for making it public that I might have a drinking problem.

Although I think Mihnea’s honest opinion about the whole thing was something like: “Sorry, Internet, she’s your problem now! “